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Simulated Diamond Jewelry | Imitation Diamond Jewelry ...
Fast shipping on Diamond Essence simulated diamonds set in precious metals! Money back guarantee on high quality simulated diamonds at an affordable price

Cubic Zirconia | CZ Rings | Sterling Silver Jewelry ...
We specialize in CZ Jewelry and Silver Jewelry . Cubic Zirconia, also known as CZ synthetic diamonds, diamond simulants or simulated diamonds, is a more affordable ...

Diamond Worth $28,000 Replaced With a Fake CZ At Jewelry ...
A Pink Panther-wannabe struck in a jewelry heist like no other, swapping out a multi-thousand dollar jewel for a fake at a Georgia jewelry store for the first time in ...

Cubic Zirconia Rings, Fake Diamond ... - Fantasy Jewelry Box
Fantasy Jewelry Box is home to one of the widest selections of cubic zirconia rings that you'll find anywhere online, and we offer ring styles that will truly fit any ...

5 Ways to Tell if a Diamond is Real - wikiHow
How to Tell if a Diamond is Real. Finding out whether or not your diamond is real is a tantalizing proposition — do you want to know without a doubt? Most curious ...


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Funny & Fabulous Fake Ring

customizeables, fake diamond, funny fake ring,
Do you ever worry about losing the diamond in your ring? Is your diamond ring clunky or just not comfortable to wear? Do you have a girlfriend who wants a 5 carat ring, but, your fast food job isn't going to get you one anytime soon? Are you afraid of your ring getting stolen? This funny and obviously fake diamond ring makes a statement...without looking pretentious. Who needs diamonds anyways? Afterall, it's the thought that counts...right?
Price: $$20.00

Love Celebration Ring

customizeables, fake diamond, fake ring, funny,
An adorable looking ring that can be customized with names. While they are not real diamonds, it's really the thought that counts. The names are very tiny and the initials are ultra small, however, I designed it that way so it would look more like a ring, but, the wearer, and, the people she / he shows it off to will know what it say's. Makes a nice anniversary gift, a gift for a significant other, etc..
Price: $$20.00

Diamond Girl Charm Bracelets

bracelet, bling, gem, diamond, flash, stone, fake,
Faux flash!
Price: $$24.25

Diamond Girl Bracelet

bracelet, bling, gem, diamond, flash, stone, fake,
Faux flash!
Price: $$24.25